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Tyre Rotation and Why We Do It.

Why Rotate Tyres?

The tyres at the front of your vehicle often wear out faster than the ones at the back. By rotating them frequently, it helps them wear more evenly and lets you get the most out of their tread life.

Note: rotating your tyres won’t correct wear problems caused by incorrect inflation pressures.

How often do I need to rotate?

It’s a good idea to rotate your tyres approximately every 10,000 km. There are other factors that may mean you need to rotate your tyres more frequently:

- High speeds, heavy loads, long distances: if you regularly drive at high speed and long distances, or carry heavy loads, then extra strain might mean slightly more frequent rotations. 

- Uneven wear: you should rotate them as soon as possible if you notice uneven wear.

- Humming sound: if they emit a humming sound when you’re driving on a smooth road, it might be time to look into rotation.

Tyre rotation is at $15 nett at The Tyre Mart and FREE OF CHARGE if you changed your tyres with us!

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