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When Do I Need New Tyres?

How long a tyre lasts depends on various factors, including: 

  • The design of the tyre

  • Driver habits - (eg sudden braking, hard cornering) 

  • Climate (extreme temperatures, regular exposure to snow and ice, getting baked by the sun - that kind of thing) 

  • Road conditions (damn potholes!)

  • Care given to your tyres (there’s some links at the bottom of the page to our other articles to learn more!) 

A good tyre tread means your vehicle handles better on the road. Tyre treads assist with gripping on wet surfaces by clearing the water from the tyre and allowing maximum contact with the road. The less tread your tyres have, the more the tyre’s performance is compromised.

The bottom line is, insufficient tread is illegal and dangerous. Tyre tread depth shouldn’t fall below 1.6mm.

The easiest way to check how much life is left in your tyres is to use a tread depth indicator. These don’t cost much. Of course, you could always drive to The Tyre Mart and we will check it out for you free of charge!


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