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Your aftermarket wheels can do more than just making your vehicle look good! A good set of car rims enhances your vehicle's performance and provide a smoother ride.

Construction of Wheels:

When choosing aluminium wheels for your vehicle, you may also consider what kind of construction you want.


Forged aluminium is the most durable method as it takes a solid piece of aluminium and puts a massive amount of pressure and heat against it to crush it into shape. The resulting rim is lightweight and strong.

Then we have cast rims in 2 different forms. Low pressure casting forces the molten aluminium into the mold to pack it tightly and increase its strength. Counter pressure casting uses the opposite idea with a cavuum that sucks the metal into the mold. The process is different, but the results are the same as with low pressure casting. Gravity casting is the simplest process and involves pouring the metal into a mold. More metal must be used to provide the necessary strength and creates a heavier rim.


Flow forming is another process where the aluminium is stretched using high-pressure rollers and heat. Lightweight rims may improve performance of your vehicle but they could also be more susceptible to dents and cracks. 

At The Tyre Mart, we have all kinds of rims for your selection. No matter what you drive, we hope we will have something for you! 


Hit us up for the best rims and tyre packages - we will be sure to work out a sweet deal specially for you.

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