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Rolling with Dunlop’s New SP Sport Le Mans (LM) 705 Tyres!

Last Sunday saw the launch of the all new Dunlop SP Sport LM705 in Singapore! Silent performing tyre and built for optimum comfort.

The “LM” is short for Le Mans, the world’s oldest active endurance race which has been held annually since 1923 near the town of Le Mans, France, on the legendary 13.6-kilometer Circuit de la Sarthe. Ironically the LM tires are not engineered for racing but they are supposed to be tough and resilient over unforgiving road surfaces. The Dunlop Le Mans model series tires have been popular in the market for many years, offering consumers a balanced and affordable solution for standard OEM sizes as well as for plus-sized wheel setups. The more sophisticated all-new Dunlop SP Sport LM705 replaces the current LM704 tire.

For this particular tire, Dunlop focused on improving real-world road punishment absorption, which is vital for our regionally sold vehicles that travel at lower speeds yet must endure environmental extremes of high heat, high humidity, and frequent wet conditions on top of inconsistent road surfaces that are mostly uneven and riddled with road debris.

To address these daily challenges, Dunlop developed its new “Shinobi Technology” to target noise and road harshness. The new technology concentrates on engineering the sidewall to be able to flex like a spring so that it can absorb more shock than before while the new contact patch design with more blocks can now handle even more vibration and harshness as well. The stated improvements from the outgoing LM704 to the LM705 are a 24% (1.2 DBA) improvement in road noise reduction and 26% (1.3 DBA) improvement with pattern noise while simultaneously improving both wet and dry dynamic performance.



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