Dunlop  Veuro VE303  Japan

Dunlop Veuro VE303 Japan

A fuel-efficient performance tyre is the dream of all discerning drivers. Dunlop has introduced the Veuro VE303, a 100% Japanese-made premium comfort tyre promising excellent fuel efficiency and long wear life without compromising on handling performance.

It will replace the VE302, and deliver a high level of ride comfort, silence, handling performance and long wear life.Is is designed with a new tyre construction and tread pattern, both helping to reduce tyre noise and dampen vibration felt during driving. This new tyre also claims better grip and wet braking performance due to enhanced rubber compound which adds flexibility, as well as an increase in groove volume for better water channelling.

The Veuro VE303’s also features an improved wear life of 25%, achieved with the new construction which adds thread rigidity, and a hybrid band that prevents unnecessary thread movements. The new construction and tread pattern claims to be 19% quieter than the VE302 predecessor, while enhancing both steering stability as well as wet braking performance.

Dunlop Veuro VE303 Japan

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