185/60R15 Dunlop Sport BluResponse 84H EU (PROMO)

185/60/15 Dunlop Sport BluResponse 84H EU 

The Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse tyres are premium tyres suited for summer conditions. The Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse tyres ensure the perfect combination of ultra-high performance, excellent safety reserves and improved handling characteristics.

Improved steering responsiveness: Due to the asymmetric tread design of the tyre, you can be assured of fantastic handling in both wet and dry conditions. In wet conditions, the risk of skidding and aquaplaning has been drastically reduced due to the fantastic grip levels of the Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse tyres.

Reduced rolling resistance: These tyres are an excellent value for money proposition. Due to the innovative silica compound used within the tyre tread, rolling resistance has been optimised. This can account for the ability to use less fuel when driving.
Excellent levels of comfort: The grooves within the tyre tread have been constructed to help reduce noise levels. Due to this, you can be assured of a smooth and comfortable driving experience, no matter the weather conditions.
Improved stability: The Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse tyres offer excellent cornering stability. The contact patch has been increased, ensuring that there are increased levels of grip with the road surface. This significant increase in grip levels will allow the tyres to respond quickly to steering commands.

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185/60R15 Dunlop Sport BluResponse 84H EU (PROMO)

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