185/55R16 Dunlop Formula D05 83V Malaysia

185/55/16 Dunlop Formular D05 83V Malaysia 


Favouring the Singaporean customer's driving expectation for both comfort and wet grip, the Formula D05 features several innovative design features such as the Noise Stopping Bar, which breaks the air waves in the longitudinal grooves and considerably reduces the noise level.

  • Wiped out, excellent braking performance as if on dry road.
  • Excellent grip level at any utmost conditions.
  • Leave no water on the surface  of contact area, delivers the best grip of tires to the road surface.
  • Excellent grip on dry without skidding.
  • Extremely quiet ride throughout the life of tyre.


  • The Edge-Effect reduce the water-film between tire and road edges.
  • Increases the contact area.
  • Enhanced grip tread compound for better traction
  • Accelerated water evacuation from the contact area.
  • Small lateral groove between block (2nd rib) together with strong tie-bar to resist tread deformation.
  • Prohibit any potential noise wave created during tire rolling to transmit into vehicle chassis in lateral direction.

185/55R16 Dunlop Formula D05 83V Malaysia

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