17x7.0 Enkei Rims RP05
  • 17x8.0 ET48
  • Suitable for 5x100
  • Approx 8 kg


The RP0 series has had top results at the top of the D1 drifting category and most others in Japan. This has to be one of the hardest sports for wheel stress. The RP05 wheel uses Enkei’s Most Advanced Technology (MAT). The process to manufacture forged wheels and the material necessary to produce it have a very high cost. Many end users understand the benefits of the forged wheels but they cannot afford it. ENKEI's new generation of light weight wheels, made with the M.A.T Process, achieves light weight, strong and anti-flex properties while keeping the cost accessible to the end user. The high performance properties and the reasonable cost is definitely catching the attention of sport wheel users.

These new RP05 wheels from Enkei adopt the global standard colour Chiaro Silver which aims to be one step ahead. These are high-end wheels so it adopts this colour from an Italian word that means bright picture. It produces a 3-D like shining effect of high contrast in the 6-Coat painting process with a clear powder coat on top to create a colour to support the Enkei statement of 360°PERFECT. The roulette pattern for tyre fitting is also implemented in the rim to prevent slip and aid in maximizing your vehicles grip on the road. This pattern has been developed from years of trial and error through racing for the best effect.

17x7.0 Enkei Rims RP05

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